Real Estate and Residence

by / Sunday, 22 June 2014 / Published in Uncategorized

AP & Generalis specializes in meeting the increasingly complex needs of foreign investors in a market perhaps unfamiliar to them, meaning they require not only legal and practical advice but also realistic support in selecting the right property and later in matters relating to the management of real estate acquired.

With this in mind, AP & Generalis from the outset approaches the issue of acquiring real estate in Germany from an overall perspective, informing each investor about the particularities of the German property market, undertaking and expediting the entire purchase from the initial stages (opening an account with a German bank, choosing the most suitable real estate broker), during the process (preliminary checks, coordination of the technical inspection, assessment of tax liabilities, preliminary purchase agreement, drafting of the contract in cooperation with a notarial office) and dealing with any other matters that may arise after purchase (management, leasing, resale, tax declaration, succession planning and administration, etc.).