Real estate investment in Germany

For the past decade, the German real estate market has been undergoing a phase of total restructuring and internationalization. This process has intensified during the last five years, with the economic crisis leading to a flow of capital not only from traditional investors in the Scandinavian countries but also from the European South for investments in the German commercial and residential real estate market.

Cities such as Berlin, Leipzig, Munich and Bremen became and remain the focal point of interest of foreign investors who in the German real estate market are primarily looking for security and stability, and secondarily high returns.

1. Integrated solutions for the complex needs of foreign investors

AP & Generalis specializes in meeting the increasingly complex needs of foreign investors in a market perhaps unfamiliar to them, meaning they require not only legal and practical advice but also realistic support in selecting the right property and later in matters relating to the management of real estate acquired.

With this in mind, AP & Generalis from the outset approaches the issue of acquiring real estate in Germany from an overall perspective, informing each investor about the particularities of the German property market, undertaking and expediting the entire purchase from the initial stages (opening an account with a German bank, choosing the most suitable real estate broker), during the process (preliminary checks, coordination of the technical inspection, assessment of tax liabilities, preliminary purchase agreement, drafting of the contract in cooperation with a notarial office) and dealing with any other matters that may arise after purchase (management, leasing, resale, tax declaration, succession planning and administration, etc.).

2. Excellent results through excellent cooperation

To achieve optimum results, we work closely with specialists who understand the specific issues facing foreign investors in Germany and are therefore in a position to offer tailor-made services. In particular, we cooperate with:


  • the notarial office Krause-Thiel
  • tax specialists Curax GmbH
  • the construction company iBautech MWV
  • the real estate broker Placement Properties GbR

Management of real estate in Germany

Matters pertaining to property management which may be straightforward for German residents can often cause difficulties for owners living outside Germany. Even in cases where foreign owners assign the management of their property to German companies, problems frequently arise on account of owners’ unfamiliarity with the system and the fact that many German management companies have only a limited command of English.

AP & Generalis continues to support clients after the purchase of real estate with a full range of services, by either directly undertaking or overseeing the management of:

  • Apartments
  • Apartment buildings
  • Shopping malls


Company incorporation in Germany

For investors and businesses in non-EU countries, the incorporation of a partnership or company with capital in Germany opens a direct and effective gateway to not only the German but also the Europe-wide market.

AP & Generalis specializes in company incorporation in Germany, particularly on behalf of investors and businesses in non-EU countries but also other European countries, providing:

  • The opportunity for companies to have their registered office in Berlin
  • Legal advice regarding the most appropriate company form for conducting commercial activities in Germany
  • Legal advice regarding taxation in Germany and other European countries (provided by tax specialists Curax GmbH)
  • A cooperating notarial office for the signing of contracts and articles of association in English, French, Spanish and Italian



Commerce and commercial contracts in Germany

The first contact most companies have with the German market is when they distribute and sell their products in the country, either through commercial agents or directly via online portals. In all these cases, exporters seek practical, overall solutions to safeguard their interests in the German market. AP & Generalis provides effective safeguards via the program Germany Trade with:

Specialist legal advice for exports
Credit checking of counterparties in Germany
General guidelines for conducting business in Germany
Ensuring the collectability of accounts receivable in Germany
Legal advice regarding the most suitable company form for conducting commercial activities in Germany